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Youth 1


About Youth 1

Youth 1 is a Sports news, events and updates publishing website.

How We Helped Youth 1

Xplantr have developed their web application where the site admin can publish and modify sports news, events, atheletes, team rankings and many such informations.  

Technology Stalk

The technology stalk that was used to build their site is as follows:

  • Drupal 7 CMS
  • Facebook Widget
  • Fastly CDN
  • Google AdSense Advertising Network
  • Google Analytics UA Analytics
  • Google Font API Font Script
  • Nginx Web Server
  • Twitter Widget
  • Varnish Cache Tool
  • jQuery 1.8.3JavaScript Framework
  • jQuery UI 1.10.2 JavaScript Framework
  • PHP Programming Language
  • Clipboard.js Miscellaneous
  • MixpanelAnalytics
  • New Relic Analytics