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Ruby on Rails installation guide for windows machine

Following are the steps for installation of Ruby on Rails on Windows platform:

Step 1: Download ruby(The latest final release) from

Step 2: Install ruby on your prefered drive, in my case, I have installed in c drive C:\ruby . Remember to select a gem while you install..

Step 3: Downlaod Instant rail package from (Zip package)

Step 4: Extract it on the same directory where ruby installed.

Step 5: Then goto InstantRails directory and click “InstantRails.exe”

Step 6: Instant Rails will detect that it is being started from a new directory and ask if you want to have it update the paths in the all of the configuration files… Just say yes.

Step 7: Click on the I button to drop down the main menu and select Configure > Windows Hosts file.

Step 8: In the editor that pops up, add this line to the end of the file:

Step 9: Save the change and exit the editor.

Step 10: In the main menu, select Rails Applications > Manage Rails Applications…

Step 11: Check the checkbox next to the cookbook application.

Step 12: Click on the “Start with Mongrel” button.

Step 13: Once the Mongrel server says “Mongrel available at”, open our browser and go to: