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IT outsourcing sector of Bangladesh - An identity newly carved

In Bangladesh, the IT industry has steadily grown into a prominent sector amongst the workforce which wants to engage itself in offshore business or embrace freelancing as an occupation. The country has been acclaimed, by prominent analysts worldwide, as one of the leading termini for subcontracting. For the IT industry of Bangladesh, the scenario has changed considerably over the years. The country is progressing forward successfully with IT outsourcing offering services involving human resources, market positioning, micro and macro level frameworks, amidst competition which is already intense.  


The relentless performance by Bangladesh, in the IT outsourcing arena, has not gone unnoticed by the world; as of now, the recognition of this hard work has come in the facet of a prominent management consultancy firm, the AT Kearney which has placed Bangladesh in its index of Top 50 Global Services Location. The listing appraises a total of 51 states and the country has stood at the position 26. Bangladesh is equally now an integral member of the Goldman Sachs N-11 countries. The Goldman Sachs has roped in Bangladesh in its 'Next Eleven' series comprising of states abbreviated together as the BRIC - Brazil, Russia, India and China. More on this is specified here.

Scenario of IT outsourcing in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh has remarkably managed to entice a decent percentage of clientele, pursuing partners overseas and around the globe for offshoring services. Over hundreds of IT enterprises in Dhaka have equipped themselves with services of the kinds of software programming and testing, website and mobile application developments, data collection plus entry, virtual assistance, call-center solutions, video and animation production, graphic designing, human resources and marketing. To read more on this, click here.

The outsourcing industry of Bangladesh is active today with presence of foreign nations - the USA holds the highest percentage of the export of freelance benefits from the country and it stands at 60%, preceded by the European Union which is accountable for 30 percent of the market share. Around 150 IT enterprises in Bangladesh are currently offering their outsourcing services to over 30 nations, while two-thirds of these companies have their clientele concentration mostly in the U. S.

What has Bangladesh to offer?

Over the last few years, Bangladesh has had significant growth as far as the IT outsourcing industry is concerned – the percentage of surge in the IT and ITES sector has been about 40. Ensuing are the benefits which any country seeking outsourcing services from Bangladesh shall get to avail.

  • First-rate service at minimal costing: In comparison to competitor countries, for instance, Sri Lanka, India, China, Philippines, the IT enterprises in Bangladesh are currently putting forward considerable cost advantages for outsourcing. In the present situation, Bangladesh is keen to accept a price which is a massive 40 percent lower while offering the same quality of service and product as the other countries.  
  • Rise in talent pool: Every year, Bangladesh sees about fifteen thousand students graduating in IT and related fields. Additionally, about 75% of these students proceed to acquire professional certifications; such as: Microsoft, Cisco, Linux, etc, in order to keep up with ever-evolving technology.
  • Capable and well-trained workers: Bangladesh has certainly passed the stage of being a novice when it comes to countless outsourcing abilities – for any assigned task, be it involving entry level or innovative ventures, there is always a candidate willing to do the job. Thus, buyers get to save on their finances by not needing to seek different contestants for specific segments of one lone assignment.
  • Lower salary: Availing IT outsourcing services from Bangladesh is a lot cheaper in comparison to some of the countries, involved in the same trade. The programmers in Bangladesh offer the same quality of service but at a salary which is 40% of that in Philippines, almost half of that in India and about thirty-percent less of the price for service in Vietnam.   
  • Decreased expenditure:  Bangladesh can easily boast of offering bandwidth for internet usage at a price which is a massive 50% lesser than what India offers; not only that but the bandwidth charges in the country is currently the lowest all throughout South Asia. Accounting for lower expenditure of outsourcing in Bangladesh is the rent for official space. The rent in the capital city, Dhaka is only sixty percent of that charged in Manila and eighty percent of that in Delhi.


The IT industry of Bangladesh over the years has seen remarkable changes, most of which has been positive for the country and has diversified and highlighted the presence of the already vast sector of outsourcing in this part of the world. People have exceedingly grown more aware on improving their skills and adapting to newer technological advancements the world outside Bangladesh is embracing now and often. The government of Bangladesh has also been encouraging more people to associate themselves with the IT outsourcing industry, which definitely has a bright future ahead.