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Fixed Asset Management

Fixed Asset Management

Fixed asset management Software for multi-office businesses

How Asset Management helps in business growth?

  • Saving Money by tracking Assets.
  • Easier access to Depreciation values.
  • Moving assets flexibility.
  • Lose determination due to damaged property.
  • Cross platform accessibility.
  • Asset lifecycle management.
Real-time inventory management

Providing a better tracking System

Importing Asset Data is not a difficult task anymore as you can now import data in bulk with us. Our software provides unique barcodes for every asset, ensuring high quality of tracking system.

Our asset management system works effectively when filtering asset data from the database and you can also request access to assets with Requisition Management.

Easier access to Depreciation values

With our software users can easily monitor the rate of depreciation values and keep a track of the current trend of the asset valuation.

Users can now quickly make purchasing decisions based on the information our software has generated.

Ensuring proper maintenance

Simply edit and update the data without any hassle. The data is well organized and kept secure with proper maintenance which is essential. Our software keeps track of transferable assets from one location to another.




Advanced Modules





Sales & CRM

Project Management

Real Estate


Key features of our XERP Software:

  • Simple add, edit, delete and update of asset.
  • Easy monitoring with Depreciation dashboard.
  • Transferable Assets from location to another.
  • Request accessibility for asset with Requisition Management.
  • Import asset data in bulk.
  • Manage asset’s warranty policy.
  • Unique bar code for every asset.
  • Asset’s worth valuation.
  • Asset’s condition tracking.
  • Track of asset supplier.
  • Filtering Asset’s data from the database.
  • Asset lifecycle monitoring.


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