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Secrets to drive more traffic to your website

In the competitive digital world where every website is seeking to be in the spotlight of the search list, many are struggling to drive relevant traffic to their website. This article will highlight 5 remedies in which you can boost up a significant percentage of traffic. While some of these actionable tips are a quick fix, others are a long-term process to redeem your audience and to make them visit your website frequently.  

[1] Use social media to drive traffic to your site: 


Use of forums on social media can serve as a platform where a mass traffic can be targeted to highlight your website. Any content that is interesting, informative or straight out of the box, can generate more attention of the audience and drive them to your website. Create cool contents that will allow people to share via social media. You can get optimum outcome from your viral strategy by including your advertisement and the link to your website to spread the word about your website. The more followers you have, the more chances are you getting to make your website viewed. You can also create a discussion topic where your followers will actively participate by commenting and stating their views, which can also make the followers bring friends to the discussion, ultimately leading to more website exposure!

[2] Write creative blogs:


Blogs are a great way of reading! An interesting blog that serves the need of the reader and answers questions that was searched on Google increases time-on-site. The blog must have a very catchy headline to begin with and must be interesting and informative throughout. Promote these blogs through email and social media to generate more traffic. Include the links of other relevant posts which they might find helpful. You can also add images to your blog since visual contents are the most powerful tool that can be processed quicker than long write-ups.

[3] Have SEO optimized content and revise the old ones:


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process by which you can optimize your digital content so that a search engine will be more likely to display it as a top search result. Nowadays the competition of SEO is increasing with every new data input in the digital world. By improving your website's SEO in this ever evolving industry and staying updated with the new SEO trends, you can improve the prominence of your business significantly in search results. Create new contents which are SEO optimized and are searched mostly by the audience. You can benefit your business and the visitors by improving content, functionality, user experience, and other important factors of SEO. When you list your website in various web directories, it can also boost your rankings in the major search engines. Nowadays mobile optimization is also a vital ranking factor. 

"All of the top 100 most visible domains have mobile-friendly solutions", according to SearchMetrics. 

[4] Give a part of your best work for free:

Whether you are offering a research content, or uploading your song or video album, or providing statistics, give a portion of it for free to lure the audience and make them engaged enough to look forward to more!

[5] Improve website loading performance:


Speed up your page to improve your conversion rate and website earning. With fast loading, readers are more engaged which enables them to talk about your website. Take the Google Speed Test and the Pingdom Speed Test report, and help yourself by improving website performance which gives users a smooth visit and good impression.



When your website is well targeted and the advertisements are exciting, this can be magnitudes cheaper than traditional advertising- just because not many people are doing it! Seize your opportunity and boost your website ranking.