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All Jersey Movers


All Jersey Movers is an agent with experience, information and passion to make strategy and accomplish stress-free, hassle-free moves of residences and businesses since 1992. They have meticulous knowledge of moving dedicated items like pianos, provide storage options and are specialists at handling last minute and exceptional moves.


All Jersey Movers is served with re-designed and operated website by Xplantr. The website auto generates an XML sitemap module. Besides, custom modules are installed; such as, Google Authorship, Metatags, etc. Also, Quote form is implemented in such a way so that it creates a lead, every time the form is filled out. Likewise, there is an Online form to create user's account and help them directing to move from one place to another. The entire process is implemented in steps by Xplantr through a custom module. Moving guides, rules, FAQs and tricks are also provided for local areas or long distance moving or moving delicate things, even for office moving.

Technology Stalk

  • Drupal CMS
  • Nginx and Varnish Web Server
  • Mandrill Email Hosting Provider
  • Pantheon Hosting Service
  • DoubleClick.Net Advertising Network
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Universal Analytics
  • JQuery and Modernizr JavaScript Frameworks
  • MediaElement.js Framework
  • Google Font API
  • Twitter Bootstrap Web Framework