How Xplantr Developed Web Portal for Historic Downtown

Historic Downtown

About Historic Downtown

Historic Downtown Property Management is a full-service management company with residential and commercial properties throughout New Jersey and New Hampshire. Their properties are located in Historic neighborhoods which add charm and uniqueness of each property. Their vision is to provide you with the best service with our commitment to quality and customer service.

How We Helped Historic Downtown

Xplantr developed the entire web portal for Historic Downtown from the very beginning. We have added features such as various types of forms, combination of both static and dynamic pages, pages with flash contents, e-commerce features (shopping cart page, checkout page, order page and so on), social media and other custom plugins.

Technology Stalk

  • Apache Web Server
  • Facebook Widget
  • Font Awesome Font Script
  • Google Analytics UA Analytics
  • Google Font API Font Script
  • Modernizr JavaScript Framework
  • PHP 5.5.32 Programming Language
  • Pinterest Widget
  • Twitter Widget
  • Twitter Bootstrap Web Framework
  • WordPress 4.6.6 CMSBlog
  • Yoast SEO Marketing Automation
  • jQuery JavaScript Framework